Why Women Voices?

Today I have the honour of writing the first text on this blog. A blog that I hope will inspire you as much as it inspires me. A blog that is entirely dedicated to women. Real women from all over the world.

I find women fascinating. Always have. Not because I am a woman, though I feel very grateful to be one, but because I find them resilient, strong beings who are too often confronted with hostilities and tough situations. Women, daughters, sisters, lovers, wives, mothers, grandmothers, career women… Super women!

They are so alike, but so different at the same time. As I said earlier: so fascinating!

But who are these women of today? What are they like? Unfortunately, they tend to disappear behind stereotypes and models we are expected to follow in order to fit in.

Where respect and sisterhood should lead the way, we too often see fear and disrespect taking the first role. In a world that is slowly but surely tearing itself apart, I can’t help but think that we can still do something about it. This blog is my own small contribution to this world I wish were peacefuller and kinder to us.

I strongly believe that less judging without knowing and more listening to one another is the key to more understanding. So this blog is a way to give women a voice and hopefully to provide a listening ear. So let’s start a conversation together…feminism-295245_1280


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