Lady Gaga at the Oscars 2016

No stranger to political engagement, Lady Gaga proved once again to be an impressive spokeswoman for those who hurt and deserve a voice.

Not only a succesful singer and performer, she is also well-known for her political activism, especially her fight against bullying and her fight for LGBT rights worldwide. What an inspiration! On a personal level, I have always dreamt of becoming famous to have even more means to make a difference. And that’s exactly what she’s doing!…

… Exactly what she did on the Oscars last week.

Critics who had read about her performance before the ceremony were pretty sceptical. Was she going to give a theatrical performance on such a heavy subject? Was it going to be too much? Over the top to the point of being ridiculous? Instead, she gave was an emotional performance conveying a powerful message.

On a night dedicated to glamour and success, she gave a voice to victims of sexual abuse. On the stage of the 88th annual Academy Awards, she performed her song ‘Til It Happens to You’, surrounded by actual victims. Through her powerful voice, their voices were heard.

So thank you miss Gaga, you are a true Lady and a wonderful spokeswoman!





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