Ruqia Hassan Mohammed

In September 2015, Ruqia Hassan Mohammed was killed by Isis.

This young Syrian Kurd woman, born in 1985, was an activist and citizen journalist. She has been captured and killed for her outspoken posts on social media.

According to a member of Syria’s most prominent anti-Isis resistance group, her voice was not only silenced, but also violated and misused. Indeed, he claims that Isis has hacked Ruqia’s social media accounts and has used it in order to lure other of their opponents.

Ruqia used to write on her Facebook page about life in Raqqa and the tense, censorious climate in the city. In July she wrote “Every day they ban, ban, ban, ban”. But her public posting suddenly stopped on July 21st, 2015. Abu Mohammed, founder of RBSS (Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered), tweeted that Ms Hassan’s last words were: “I’m in Raqqa and I received death threats, and when Isis [arrests] me and kills me it’s ok because they will cut my head and I have dignity its better than I live in humiliation with Isis [sic].”

A young woman who refused to be silenced and whose memory should be honored. RIP Ruqia Hassam Mohammed.



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