Dutch Radio 538… Really?…

Summer has (finally) started here in the Netherlands and that usually means sunshine, smiles and lighter clothes.

I have to admit that that definitely applies to me as well… except when I bike home from work! Everytime I bike home, there’s something that knocks the smile out of my face… That something is a huge poster at a bus stop. It’s an ad for a Dutch radio station, Radio 538. This radio is extremely popular, especially with youngsters.

But what kind of message does this radio send to youngsters with this ad? That’s my concern! On the poster, you can see a girl sitting on a couch, with her legs wide open and a cat between her legs. The word play is quite obvious, isn’t it?

I find this ad very offensive… Why do they feel the need to objectify women like that? Why do women have to be portrayed as sexual objects?? And what kind of message does this send to young girls/women, as well as young boys/men?

Just two words about this billboard: Really?? & Why??

Billboard radio 538


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