Quote by Anne Frank

A quote by Anne Frank that perfectly fits Christmas time and the Christmas spirit.

International day of the girl

A special day today (Wednesday October 11th) dedicated to all girls. A day to reflect about the suffering of too many young girls in the world and about the importance of shaping a brighter and safer world for them. Let’s empower these girls who are our future.

Simone Veil, a great lady has passed

On June 30th 2017, a great lady passed away. Her name was Simone Veil. What still remains though is her legacy. A legacy we should respect and keep fighting for, becauseĀ  it should absolutely not be taken for granted! Simone Veil was born in 1927 in Nice, France (she was born Simone Jacob). As her…

‘Sexual violence as a weapon of war’

Every year, during the last weekend of January, the ‘Balie’, a cultural place in the heart of Amsterdam, organises the ‘Human Rights Weekend’. A weekend filled with discussions, debates, films and masterclasses on human rights.  This year, I attended two conferences. One of them was a panel discussion on ‘Sexual violence as a weapon of…